You clicked on the About page? That’s wonderful, welcome! I am an editor specializing in genre fiction. I come to this profession via a winding road. In my 50-plus years on this planet, I have been:

  • a child (amateur and professional)
  • a teen (dilettante)
  • a burger delivery technician
  • a retail associate and human target
  • a file clerk (as dull as it sounds)
  • a community-access television muti-tasker
  • a cryptographic equipment repairer (no embellishment)
  • an incubator and infant delivery system
  • a telephone customer service agent and human target
  • an installer of awnings and awning accessories
  • a beer wench (both lager and ale)
  • a herder of the teenage cats in our beloved public school system (17+ years)

Now, you are likely here to decide whether you can entrust the product of your long hours of joy and torture to me. You can.

Oh, you need more assurance than that? How about a professional blurb?

I have spent the last 17 years helping young writers. As a teacher of all levels of high school English, creative writing, and journalism, I have developed specific suggestions to suit specific writing issues. I have honed my editing abilities by providing line-by-line feedback under extreme time constraints. I am currently the Co-Editor of Trollbreath Magazine.

I am a talented and timely editor looking to break into the genre market. I come to the field with a lifelong love of science fiction and fantasy. I look forward to helping you shine!

Jennifer Reynolds sitting on a rock in a stream
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These are my top “Impact Five” priorities for stronger writing:

  1. Choose action verbs over linking verbs

  2. Choose active voice over passive voice

  3. Choose subordination over coordination.

  4. Use parallel structure.

  5. Use specificity – better verbs instead of adverbs, and precise nouns instead of vague ‘stuff’ and ‘things’.

*All rules can be broken IF you are doing so purposefully.