First and foremost, know that I do not claim to be an artist. I do, however, believe that creating art is essential for the health of the human soul. Too often we avoid anything in which we do not excel  – singing, dancing, painting, poetry. This is a sad by-product of the commodification mindset. I reject the idea that something should only be done and displayed if it has monetary value. For me, arts and crafts are play. I hope in showing these imperfect items, I may inspire others to play as well! Here are some creations done in a mixture of materials – anything lying around that seemed to suit the purpose.


A nod to the works of Edgar Allan Poe:

Coffin-shaped box with a raven on top. Inside, various items represent works of Edgar Allan Poe


A miniature Heorot from Beowulf. This was my first foray into this odd hobby – so much I would do differently . . .

A miniature creation of Heorot, the mead hall in the poem Beowulf

The MacBeth witches must have had a house, right?

Thieves Guild treasures from Skyrim!

A glassed shadow box with items from the Thieves Guild in the game Skyrim

Not a box. I made the egg using an emptied chicken egg and polymer clay. The wheelbarrow is based on research and made of balsa wood. I had intended to have a gnome (with a scorched hat from the act of theft) pushing it, but I was dissatisfied with my skill at making faces in clay. Perhaps I will return to this one =)

A "dragon egg" created from an emptied chicken egg and polymer clay. It sits in a medieval wheelbarrow filled with straw


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